Break Into Tech Sales

Hi, I'm Darius. I made over $300,000 in my tech sales job in 2016.

But I was lucky that I had family and friends who worked in tech. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known about how lucrative it was.

This site was built to teach people what tech sales is like. 

My Background

Enterprise Level

The best sales jobs are ones that sell to huge companies. I've successfully signed contracts with companies like Apple and Facebook.

Top Performer

It's important to learn from the best. At my entry level sales job, I was ranked #3/18. In my second sales job, I was ranked #1/9.

Large Deals

The bigger the deal size, the bigger your commission checks. I've closed deals worth over $250,000 and you can ask me anything you want about 'em.

Drop me a line!

If you have any questions, feedback, workout suggestions, or advice on how to stop being so damn irresistible to puppies, please let me know.