Break Into Tech Sales in 2 Weeks

Without any sales or tech experience
Using my simple 3 Pillar process
We guarantee you an interview or your money back.

I live in Silicon Valley, one of the most competitive places to get a job. UC Berkeley and Stanford grads are vying for every position and it can seem impossible to stand out.  This is especially true if your resume isn't "relevant" by conventional means. Whether that means you have a low GPA, no sales internships, or heck, any sales experience, it can seem downright impossible to land a tech sales job. 

That's why I built this course. In it, you'll learn: 



Basic Sales Skills

Sales skills you would learn on a sales internship or entry level job. You'll learn how to find customers, write in a way that's persuasive to buyers, and how to use basic sales tools. This will help bridge your resume gap.


How a hiring manager thinks

You'll learn what gets people hiring entry level salespeople excited and use that knowledge to get you an interview. You'll also learn what they don't like and you should avoid.


How to frame your experience

I'll teach you how to frame your unrelated job experience or extracurricular activities in a way that lands you interviews.

My background

When I went to apply for my first entry level sales job, I had just finished my professional poker career of 2.5 years. I felt powerless - how could poker help me get a job in sales? It also didn't help that I had an unimpressive GPA that went unlisted on my resume.

Luckily, I had an Aunt who was a Vice President of a large tech company. Through her advice and guidance, I landed a job in tech sales. And I couldn't be happier that I'm here.  

I made $300k in 2016 working only 40 hours a week. The money has given me the freedom to start traveling for the first time in my life and support my parents financially. It’s also a very fulfilling job since I sell good products - I literally see my job as getting paid to improve people’s lives. I want to give you the same opportunity.

Snapshot of my salary growth

1st year. $55,000

Set up meetings and demos with potential customers for closers.

2nd year. $80,000

Found likely customers and closed deals of all sizes.

5th year. $300,000

Focused only on closing, mostly companies worth at least $300M

I've been in sales for 5 years and have always been a top performer. In my first sales job, I was #3/18 as an entry level sales rep. In my next job, I was #1/9 salespeople. After that, I was the only salesperson in a small two person startup where I build the sales process from scratch and closed up to $250,000 deals with Apple, LinkedIn, and Nordstrom.

This course is for people who are:

Hungry and smart

You just need your foot in the door. Once you're in, you're going to work very hard and do everything it takes to succeed.

Recent graduates

Who have been involved with extracurricular activities. Clubs, meetups, sports teams, running a small side business, etc

Non tech salespeople

Looking to get started in tech.

Looking to change careers

Previous experience, even unrelated, is a big, big plus.

Who this course is NOT for:

  • People who do not have a strong grasp of written and spoken English. Communication in sales is very important and it's out of my realm of expertise to teach it to you.
  • Recent graduates who literally just went to class, partied, and watched YouTube videos. You gotta give me something to work with on your resume, even if it's just a hobby or a organizing a meetup group. Even though I successfully got a job without much experience, I wouldn't feel comfortable promising that to someone with absolutely nothing to show on their resume.
  • People who have been unemployed for 1.5+ years (There's an exception if you have a solid work history and the unemployment was due to family issues or an extended travel vacation).

This course includes:

  • 2 hours of detailed video teaching you how to stand out against even Ivy League candidates, and get an interview instead of them.
  • 25 hours worth of homework. We're going to help you show your hiring managers you can use your new found sales powers.
  • A Facebook community of Break Into Tech Sales (BITS) members. This will be a place for you to meet like minded, ambitious salespeople.
  • Email support. We’ll be there with you every step of the way.
Sr. Account Executive

Tim H

It's hard for me to thank Darius enough for helping me succeed so quickly. He took his time to teach me how to build deep relationships with customers and how to get the best results with the least amount of work. I highly recommend Darius and am extremely confident in his ability to teach.

FAQ (click to expand answer)

It’s important to me personally that the course works. If you do the work and don’t get any interviews, I am 10000% happy to give you a refund.
Nationally, the average salary for an entry level sales role is $72k, including salary, bonus, commission, and stock. This will likely be lower for a starting salesman, but not much lower because most people only stay in this role for 2-3 years max. I would conservatively estimate a starting compensation package of $55,000.
Yes, I would say it's completely possible for you to do well as an introvert. My mentor is an introvert and made over $300k a year when he was just 24 years old. I would consider myself an ambivert (that is, equal parts introvert and extrovert) and have done well too.
You don't have to be technical at all. This is a huge misconception. You usually learn everything technical you need to know on the job.


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